The Marshmellow Experiment

In the late 1960s, researchers at Stanford University created an experiment to zone in on the way a child acts and if and how these actions reflect the choices they make later in life. The Experiment: To start off, the researchers took each individual child and sat them down in a room by themselves. They … Continue reading The Marshmellow Experiment


We live in a fast-paced world, plain and simple. With our smartphones and the internet, we currently have instant access to and are being constantly bombarded by new information at every moment of the day. Whether it’s the news, our Facebook feed, our Instagram, or whatever media we’re paying attention to, it seems like we’re … Continue reading Listen.

Being A Female Vegan Athlete With Meal Plans

Alright ladies, listen up! If you’re an athlete, a gym rat, runner, or just bonafide yogi chances are you need a little extra get-up-and-go to support your active lifestyle and rockin’ body, right? Anyone serious about their health and performance knows the importance of nutrition for overall excellence. You can pump weights, run 10 miles, and … Continue reading Being A Female Vegan Athlete With Meal Plans

All About Tea

Humans love tea. In fact, after water, we drink more tea than any other beverage. How much do we love tea, you ask? Well, on any given day, over 159 million Americans drink tea. In 2016 alone, Americans drank over 84 billion servings (that’s over 3.8 billion gallons) of some type of tea. While about 86 percent … Continue reading All About Tea

Three Misconceptions That Stop People From Adopting a Plant-Based Diet

Five years ago I switched to eating completely vegan, and I've never looked back. Eating vegan feels right for my mind, body, and soul. I have lost weight, my energy levels have soared, my skin cleared up and my overall health has never been better. At first, going vegan can seem intimidating and there's a good … Continue reading Three Misconceptions That Stop People From Adopting a Plant-Based Diet