What Is Food Combining?

I want to explain the idea of what we eat in correlation to other foods, can have an effect how our bodies feel.

To begin, the foods we eat don’t just go into our bodies, we wait, and then we poo it out… We’ll that is partially true, but that’s not it! Food is to nourish our bodies when it is broken down to supply nutrients and finally turned to waste.

Rate of Digestion:
Juices and Water: 20-30 minutes
Soups, Fruits, or Smoothies: 30-45 minutes
Vegetables: 30-45 minutes
Grains, Starches: 2-3 hours
Beans, Poultry, Meat, or Fish: 3 or more hours

The foods we eat have different rates of digestion. For example, when we compare melons to bananas, its obvious. Melons are juicier which equals more water. Bananas are denser which equals less water. You get the picture.

So what’s my point? Knowing an idea of how much water content is in our food, is a huge deal to our health. When food combining isn’t followed properly it creates fermentation in our gut. AKA the creation of yucky gas, bloating, indigestion, and many more problems.

Essentially, our bodies are working harder to digest food, which can take up more energy than what we actually have. And this leads to more tiredness, emotional symptoms, and weight gain.

Following the lines of food combining and it can give the body more energy, nutrients, and happy digestion.

So what’s my point? Life is a huge ultra marathon not a sprint. It just takes one step to start.

“Let food be thy medicine.”  Hippocrates 

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