Tex-Mex Taco Recipe

When I crave tacos, I want the whole experience. I find this recipe super quick and easy to prepare and it has so much flavor. I can’t get over how delicious each and every bite is. This is my favorite, minimal recipe Tex-Mex Taco Recipe.

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Why You Should Not Be Afraid Of Carbs

These days we are taught to fear carbs – drop carbs to lose weight. The truth is, eating more carbs will give you more energy to do more. 

Sounds incredible right? It’s even more incredible when you know this includes eating whole starchy/carbohydrate foods, e.g. potatoes, rice, fruits, vegetables and beans.  Continue reading “Why You Should Not Be Afraid Of Carbs”

1 Pot Veggie Lasagna Soup

One-pot meals are a must during these cold winter nights. The perfect meal to start off your cozy night. I like to grab a nice big ladle of soup, grab my friends and turn on my favorite Netflix Show (Parks and Recreation). This 1 Pot-Veggie lasagna Soup, is easy to do, very little prep., and incredibly delicious.  Continue reading “1 Pot Veggie Lasagna Soup”