Happy World Vegan Day 2016!
In 2013, I was a Vegetarian. At this time I thought it was the best thing for my own health. I was still consuming some dairy, eggs, fish. Then at one point, I became more aware and curious of the effects of my actions as a bigger whole.

I started to question everything surrounding the food industry and I became obsessed with learning about food! I watched every documentary I could get my hands on to educate myself. I had questions like: Why do we operate the way we do? How does it get from point A to point B, what are the causes and effects of this, etc. I soon learned about how violence is the only way for us to eat meat, dairy, and eggs. I became upset. I didn’t want to contribute or be part of this. I learned that the health and our Planet is at its worst because of the human species. We want to go against nature and the ego took control. “There is no humane way to slaughter.” – Gary Yourofsky 


Late 2014, I gathered up my courage and made the choice to become Vegan. It is the best choice I’ve ever made and I truly mean that! I have had so many positive effects and experiences because of it. Its contributed to my life in such a great way that I would never turn back. I can proudly say, I’m a happy healthy Vegan for the animals, mother Earth, the ocean, world hunger, compassion, the Rain Forest, Wildlife and health!

You are amazing and you part of something so incredible (the journey of life). Today, I encourage you to make conscious effort to be kind to one another, show love to our Mother Earth and all living things around you. 😍💚🐮🌿🐷🐣🌏

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