5 Reasons To Consider Greening Up Your Diet

Life on planet Earth depends on pH levels in and around living organisms and cells. Human life requires a tightly controlled pH level at a slightly alkaline range of 7.35 to 7.45 to survive.

4001811613_9944d93977_oWhen you think about what eating an alkaline based foods really means, it’s hard to make a sound argument against it.

Here, I want to give you five reasons to consider greening up your diet. 


The first reason why it is important to alkalinize your body has to do with your bones.

The reason alkalinity is really important for bone health is that your bones produce or break down bones throughout the day. (source) A large factor of that is due to the pH in and surrounding your bones.

When pH levels drop, it becomes more acidic and when there is more acidity present, there’s a higher activity of cells call osteoclasts. Osteoclasts break down bones.

When our pH is higher alkaline, the studies have shown that there’s more activity of osteoblasts – which are bone builders. And there is less activity of the bone destroyers around – osteoclasts.

So, from a perspective, that’s pretty important. But another thing to consider is if your blood – if your body is very acidic, then you have alkaline buffers, like bicarbonate present in your body n your body to deal with that.

But, that can very easily become overwhelming to the body. What ends up happening is your body turn to calcium from your bones and teeth. The calcium is used as a buffer for all the extra acidity.

A diet filled with animal fats, muscle, liquids and not enough vegetables can be a detriment for the body to properly function. This doesn’t just included cases of when the body is fighting off disease but every day function. This can become an issue and especially if exercise or sun light isn’t happening on a daily basis.


3527535638_f694936628_oIn 1931, Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for showing cancer only grows in acidic environments that do not have oxygen.

So whats my point? Basically the relationship is this: where this is acid there is no oxygen and where this is alkalinity there is oxygen. Pretty straight forward, right?

Okay so keep following me, it’s the same idea when we do this on petri dishes. When we want to grow a cancer cell. you put it in an acidic environment. There, it’s able to thrive on sugar as its main fuel source. Verses an Alkaline environment, that is much more perfect and has oxygen as its predominate fuel source. You can’t grow any cancer cells.

When we naturally infuse our bodies with alkaline foods – nutrients and vitamins and lots of oxygen. As a result, it’s also getting ride of a lot of toxins – that’s how you can prevent diseases.


light-bulb-1042480_1280This one is like a lightning bolt inside your body. That’s right, Red Bull doesn’t give you wings, alkalinity does. If you’ve followed my energy diet, you’ll know that within five or seven days you feel like an entirely new person. That’s because when you alkalize your body, you naturally improve your internal environment so your body is able to function as it should.

Feeling tired all the time nor falling asleep at your desk after eating lunch isn’t normal. If you feel like this on a regular day basis, first take a look at what you are putting into your body as it’s main fuel source.

It’s most likely that your body is struggling with all the junk foods for years we’ve put into our bodies. Replacing the junk with simply micronutrient rich foods – high quality foods –  you will feel a thousand times better.


When you move your body, you create acidosis. The burn you feel in your muscles when you do strenuous exercise is actually a flood of lactic acid. If you add more acidity into that cocktail as a result of eating acidic foods (meat, grains, lots of sugar) that’s only adding gas to the fire.


By getting more alkalinity in—more greens, green juices, green smoothies, vegetables, fruit—you start to fight away a lot of that acidosis. Also, we know that acidosis is not just related to this stuff, but also to gout, joint issues, and all sorts of things.


By getting more alkalinity in—more greens, green juices, green smoothies, vegetables, fruit—you start to fight away a lot of that acidosis. Also, we know that acidosis is not just related to this stuff, but also to gout, joint issues, and all sorts of things.

Even though there’s no single “scientific study” to show the alkaline diet shows is better for you, just look for research that shows how eating more fruits and vegetables reduces your risk of heart disease, mortality, cancer, etc.

That’s all you have to remember. I’m not saying you have to become a vegan or even a raw foodist, I’m just asking you to eat more plant foods.

Of course, everybody is different – but most of us should aim to eat 80-90% alkaline forming foods and a maximum of 20-30% acid forming foods.


Credits: Skull skeleton image courtesy University of Liverpool. Cells image courtesy Richelieu Matignon. Alkaline and Acid image courtsey of Goquii Blog. Perfomance and energy images courtesy Ryan McGuire. Feature Image courtesy Iblushay.
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