Benefits Of Lemon Water

There is tremendous power in rituals. They are grounding and an experience we can rely on when life gets hectic. The morning has become a sacred time to me and despite what the day holds, I begin feeling calm and centered (at least that is the goal).

As my Rose Hips & Hibiscus tea is steeping and I am getting ready to meditate and journal, I begin sipping a glass of warm lemon water. Many people have written about the benefits of this fruit. It has become an aspect of my routine and benefits the body in so many ways.

The reasons I drink lemon water (and you should too) are to take advantage of:

1. The hydrating properties. When we first wake up our body is dehydrated. Lemon water will hydrate your cells and tissue allowing your body to function at its best vs. dehydrating it more with coffee (which is a diuretic).

2. The ability to energize and wake you up, giving you natural energy first thing in the morning.

3. Aids in digestion and flushes out toxins.

4. Gives your immune system a boost with a serious dose of Vitamin C.

Such a small act with numerous fantastic benefits.

So tell me, have you had your lemon water today?


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