Benefits Of Dry Brushing

It is so important to have a routine every day. One that you can easily stick to and keeps you busy. A having a routine keeps you on track of tasks, keeps you busy and you are are developing habits along the way.

Small acts add up and really make a difference in how I feel on a daily basis. My mental and physical health are top priorities which is why no matter how busy I am I never sacrifice moments like my morning meditation and journaling, cooking or baking for fun or daily exercise.

I value a beauty routine as well. It makes me feel good about myself and it’s a time to learn more about yourself. Whether it is taking the time to do my hair or use organic products. Today I am discussing another aspect of this routine, dry brushing. In my opinion, this is one of the most inexpensive and effective detoxing tools.

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Despite my best efforts there is a ton of toxins in the environment that are difficult to avoid. Dry brushing stimulates the immune system, helps digestion, improves circulation, removes dirt and dead skin cells, helps to unclog pores, aids in the elimination of toxins and tightens the skin by increasing the flow of blood.

Getting Started

To dry brush start at your feet and work your way up by moving the brush in circular and long upward strokes toward your heart, the direction your lymphatic system goes in. The lymph is responsible for regulating the immune system and the removal of wastes from every cell in the body.

Of course, it is ok if every motion is not perfect. What matters is the effort, just do your best. I try to do this before every shower but sometimes I don’t have time so I strive for as many days as I can (twice a day is recommended for optimal benefits). Don’t forget to clean your brush with soap (here is my favorite soup and what I use)  and water once a week.

Use an organic body oil post shower (moisturizing is extremely important) and your skin will feel soft and clean. Don’t forget to look for brushes with natural bristles and remember that your skin should feel glowing after brushing, not red and inflamed.

Some like the mittens but I like a long handle because it allows me to reach my back. Taking the extra 5-10 minutes before showering to dry brush has been very beneficial for my skin and I hope see a difference too. As with everything it is not an overnight fix so try it for a month and see how you feel.

More Benefits:

1. You’ll exfoliate dead skin.

Forget your in-shower loofah and body scrubs, this will ensure you have silky-smooth skin all year round!

2. It stimulates your lymphatic system.

Dry brushing your skin will kick start your lymphatic system, which helps you remove toxins from the body. The stiffer the bristles on the brush, the better the lymphatic stimulation you’ll create.

3. Dry brushing helps to reduce cellulite.

Cellulite is simply toxic materials that have accumulated in your body’s fat cells and are trapped, unable to be eliminated from the body. Forget lipo, dry skin brushing helps to break down any trapped toxins from within the body and help your body eliminate them through its usual elimination channels.

4. It unclogs pores and de-congests skin.

Dry skin brushing unclogs your skins pores and helps your skin absorb more nutrients. Daily skin brushing promotes healthy, breathing skin. It’s a real treat for the largest organ in our bodies!

Credits: Lymphatic System Human Body diagram courtesy Lymplex , Brush image courtesy David Wolfe,d.eWE

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