Carbs, Protein and Insulin spikes!

As a health enthusiast and someone who is heavily into advertising- marketing, I see a lot of things. I see a lot of trends, I see what people are doing to get results, and to not get results.  I see the new products and returning marketing, and how one product won’t sell while another does.

I see the new products and new ways of marketing.  I see the vitamin C and oregano supplements sell in the winter months. Of course, the fat burners and water pills go up in sales in the spring time getting close to the summer for that Beachbody.

It’s actually pretty amazing to see marketing sell products to consumers but it is very frustrating because I hear a lot of misinformation and I see a lot of people struggling more than they need to get results they want because of that misinformation.

There will always be a backlash against sugars and rightfully so, processed foods, sauces, and drinks are all full of sugar. It is hiding everywhere.

But the problem comes when people lump this processed food group of carbohydrates and sugar into that giant group of carbs. And people get this in their mind that all carbs are bad for you. But as we all know, not all carbohydrates are the same.

I know a lot of people who scrap things like dates or bananas after a workout in exchange for protein powders and water. Another thing I notice about these same people is that they’re always looking for supplements to help them with recovery and for more energy.


DUH. Your body is crying for glucose, this is our main cellular fuel, this is what helps to refuel our bodies, to help rebuild our muscles, to help replace the glycogen that we’ve used. This is something that needs to be done after a workout. Our body doesn’t need just protein and water.

After a workout, I fuel myself with carbohydrates.  Either a huge smoothie, fruit, or a carbohydrate rich meal. My smoothie would include bananas and some other fruits I have on hand, greens, flax and some chia seeds.  My carbohydrate rich meal of sweet potatoes, beans, and quinoa, with some greens or a big juicy fruit like watermelon.  

The trick in my mind is keeping saturated fat and animal protein low. I a lot of people think oh, I wish I could eat carbs like that but I will blow up or gain so much weight, or I would get diabetes.

Well is my physiology and my metabolism so different from others? That I’m just set up to burn carbohydrates and not turn them into fat? Perhaps but could it also be the foods they are eating with carbs that give them this mindset that we’ve always been told to eat fat, to eat protein with carb rich meals to help blunt the spike in insulin.

Is this true?

This study here Dr. Michael Gregor goes over explains that a little bit better.


Hopefully, you guys learned something from this. I encourage you to not fear the fresh fruits and the unprocessed carbohydrates … and quit worrying about it. Enjoy your life 🙂

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