Food Is Medicine

Can you believe we are already in September and the school has begun? Well, accordingly to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, we are actually already in Fall.  Do you feel that way? The morning breeze reminds me soon it is time for campfires and camping in the cool nights.

Each year, it just surprises me how well this traditional calendar predicts the season, and it was established more than 2,000 years ago! I still don’t understand how our ancestors figured out these, but it is true the Ancient Wisdom sometimes work better than the sophisticated models we have built. One of the most well-known ones is “Food is Our Medicine”. And Chinese traditional medicine emphasizes on choose the right type of food based on body type, seasonality, and the goals to be achieved.

During this time of year, the Ancient Wisdom believes we need to eat few particular type of food to help our body get ready for the upcoming weather change and the harsh winter ahead.

Below are few tips for your references:

  1. Hydration

    It is even more important to hydrate your body in Fall. In Summer we lose body fluid due to the heat and sweet, in Fall, our body actually needs more hydration as the weather turning into dry and cold.  And “hydration” in Eastern traditional medical science is more than just drinking water but they believe drinking the right type of fluid is essential to avoid a burden on our kidneys.   The best liquids are from soup, fruit tonic or herbal elixirs that are infused with nutrients and anti-oxidants. Based on the modern science, these macro-molecules help our body to hydrate better.  And drinking just pure water may not achieve that goal, yeah, that is why we have those electrolytes infused water. Though, I would recommend electrolytes from the natural source like from fruits. A simple way you can make natural hydration drink is to use seasonal fruits to make fruity water drinks (with no added sugars other than fruit sugars).
  2. Boost your immune system by strengthening your lungs:

    As you know, the cold/flu season is about to come. The Ancient Wisdom believes lung is the most important organ to fight airborne diseases. There are several important herbal remedies we use for this purpose, please feel free to ask me if you would like. But we also use food ingredients to strength lungs, such as pears, white tree mushrooms, orange peels.
  3. Increase uptake of nutrients:

    The Ancient Wisdom believes it is important to boost our immunity by taking nutrient-enriched food, such as chestnuts, dates, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, beans especially black soybeans, the very special Asian black beans are packed with protein, fiber, unsaturated fats, and antioxidants. The preparation of these food ingredients is critical to allow our body to properly absorb and utilize the nutrients. 


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