It’s not bad to follow a “diet“, but you’re doing it wrong. Health and fulfillment aren’t things you can achieve by counting carbs or following a 30-day plan. We need to shift our culture away from looking for unattainable silver bullets and instead focus on long term, sustainable lifestyles.

Nothing against anyone who thrives on a diet – but there is no way this could work for me. Been there, tried that, got so many stomach aches. I eat a huge amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, and the ones I do eat I have sporadically depending on the season and my location. I rely on seeds, nuts, and legumes to make sure I get enough nourishment on a daily basis; and I find they are the best sources of protein to support my all my strength based workouts.

Personally, I don’t like “diet plans” or rules when it comes to eating. I have always had trouble sticking to other people’s ideas of what works, and always end up going back to what I know and like best for myself. For example, if you are in a tropical climate than you usually won’t be eating hot and dense foods, but more sea vegetables and high water rich fruits, but if you’re on top of a mountain in the snow, the more hearty warming veggie stews, it is. 

To me, that is intuitive eating, and that is a factor missing in a lot of people’s diets these days – they eat when they are emotional, and they are out of sync with their environments. To each their own.

I love having a way of eating that is right for me, and I think that everyone should try out as many options in the plant-based world until they find what speaks to their own temperament. I also think that we should not be shunning or shaming people for their right to tweak their “diet” – the bitchiness within the plant-based world is so pretty and ridiculous. It makes me sad to think of how many people have been turned off because of the wars that are waged between classes of vegans.

And no one gets to a point of being diseased or overweight or tired or unmotivated overnight. It is my passion and mission to help people work towards taking charge of their health and goals by individualized nutrition consulting



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