Rachael Davis

“Eating more plants has helped give me the clarity to live my life well, and has mentally awakened me to the fact that nature provides everything we need and more.”

“I cannot say enough about the benefits I’ve experienced switching to a plant-based lifestyle.  Plants are AMAZING! They’ve helped my body heal in so many ways, I have the energy to get me through the day and live an active lifestyle, my anxiety diminished, and I sleep like a baby every night.  My mood is steady, I feel amazing, and it’s so easy for me to stay in shape. I came from a part of consuming a lot of animal products and processed food. I had a general disconnection from what I put into and onto my body.  When I was experiencing health problems my freshman year of college, I was tired of treating my symptoms and wanted to learn how to heal my body naturally.

This led me to learn about holistic, organic living.  I researched everything I could.  So many sources credited a plant-based lifestyle for speeding their healing process. This led me to watch Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives, Earthlings, Gary Yourofsky’s Best Speech Ever, and videos by YouTuber’s James Aspey, Timothy Shieff, Bonny Rebecca, and more.  I was so horrified by what the animals were going through- just for us to consume animal products, even things like eggs and dairy.  When I learned we don’t need animal products to be healthy but we can actually thrive and be healthier on plants alone, I was so happy and relieved! I was, however, lacking a bit of knowledge on nutrition. So to solve my confusion on what I needed to eat to be healthy, I read books like Starch Solution, Crazy Sexy Diet, Raw Food Lifestyle, The Alkaline Cure, and more.  Looking back, this simple knowledge of nutrition is something we should all learn when we’re young in school.

Instead, we’re taught false information based on studies funded by the animal production industry.  Switching to a plant-based lifestyle is in some ways confusing because just like trying anything new, it takes practice and understanding.  But after a while, you learn what your body needs, and you start to feel the benefits.  You come back from the grocery store with healing fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, powerful, colorful, healing foods full of LIFE, plant proteins, and healthy sources of fat. Of course eating this is going to make you feel good!

I’ve never felt deprived on this lifestyle.  I feel more clear, calm, energized, and happy eating this way. It’s amazing because after switching to this lifestyle, I’m always cooking healthy, yummy meals, and my family has started to eat the same things even though before they were eating a lot of processed meats, junk foods, etc.  It’s contagious: when you feel good, other people want to do what you do to feel good.  The knowledge I gained about the animal production industry also awakened me to the other forms of enslavement animals face when we purchase things tested on animals, clothing that uses the animal skin, etc.  They don’t have the voice to speak up or the ability to ask to be excluded from these practices.  It’s up to us to make the choice to use animal-friendly products whenever we shop.  And it has never been easier.  It feels so good to shop only from eco-friendly brands I know are free from animal testing or using any animal products.

Hannah is so generous and has been really helpful through my transition to this lifestyle. When I was struggling with acne on a vegan diet, she encouraged me to switch up my supplement which turned out to be one of the causes of my breakouts.  It had over 50 ingredients and even though it was organic, it caused cystic breakouts for me. She recommended I switched to the brand Jarrow.  Now I just pop one under my tongue a day for my B-12, and the cystic acne has diminished.  The other cause of my acne was processed vegan foods – things like cookies, chips, etc. with oil and sugar and salt and things our bodies don’t need! After switching to a whole food plant based lifestyle, my skin is so much better.

I still have ways to go as far as healing my body.  But this lifestyle is helping me do so daily.  Eating more plants has helped give me the clarity to live my life well, and has mentally awakened me to the fact that nature provides everything we need and more. When we treat her well, we, in turn, feel the benefits and the peace that comes with living as one with our beautiful planet and all other living things. I’m so excited to learn more as I live this lifestyle, and it feels so good to help the planet while saving animals, all while being kind to my body.❤️”

Rachael Davis / St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.

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