DATES! And all their benefits

As the fruit of palm trees, Dates not only have the sweetest of taste but provide a myriad of health benefits to accompany their flavor.

Rich in vitamins, fiber, iron, selenium, copper and other minerals, dates have been one of the most popular ingredients in many Eastern Asian folk remedies aiming to promote blood production, improve digestive system, and boost energy. Its sweet taste and soft texture also make it one of the favorite dessert choices among Eastern and Central Asians.  What’s not to love about dates?

Now, let’s take a more in-depth look at the many health benefits of dates.

Bone Health and Strength

A number of minerals found in dates may surprise you to be enough to classify as a superfood for strengthening bones. Dates contain selenium, manganese, and copper, all of which are integral to healthy bone development and strength, particularly as people begin to age and their bones gradually weaken.

Blood circulation

The population of struggling Americans with Anemia is ever growing. With anemia leaving patients feeling exhausted, dates provide a boost of iron to pump up your system. With the natural sugars dates, contain are far better than your go-to energy bar which is likely chalked full of artificial sugars for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Lowering Cholesterol

The potassium found in dates reduces the risk of stroke and adding dates to your diets has shown to lower LDL cholesterol.

An Anti-Inflammatory

Dates are rich in magnesium leading as one of the greatest anti-inflammatory minerals our bodies can intake.

Seasonal Allergy Aid

One of the most interesting benefits of dates is the presence of organic sulfur within them. So what’s organic sulfur do for you? This is not a very common element to find in foods, but it does have a worthwhile amount of health benefits, including the reduction of allergic reactions and seasonal allergies.  Here’s to less sneezing and itchy eyes when everything is starting to bloom!

Weight control

Filling up on fruits and vegetables is a longtime suggestion for those wishing to lose a few pounds, and dates can easily make that list of great foods to accomplish those goals. With a low-calorie count and high fiber level, dates can satisfy your nutritional needs.

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