Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead Film

Like many people, one of the main reasons I put my diet through a major overhaul was becoming educated about food and the food industry through documentaries I watched and books I read.

For most of my life, I did not think to correlate how I felt about the food I was putting in my body. It has now been over five years and I can honestly say my life is better every day because of the information I now know.

With the second installment of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead coming out next month I thought it was a fitting time to talk about a film that helped shift my perspective and brought fresh juice into my life permanently.

I still remember the first time I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. I was in complete awe and have been recommending it ever since. Joe Cross takes you on an adventure of healing and human connection through what he calls a reboot. Sixty days of exclusively juicing as he travels the world introducing others to the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetable juice. This idea is very extreme but it shows us the power of plant-based foods and that juice can benefit any individual who adds it to their diet.

If you haven’t seen this documentary I highly recommend watching it on Netflix.
If you have seen it, what did you think?

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