World Vegan Day

today marks a very special day for me and millions of other passionate people who raise awareness for those who are voiceless in our society.World Vegan day stands for a movement that wants to empower individuals to move towards more compassionate and conscious actions and lifestyles. 🌿💕
i want to express my emotions through some words from Anthony Douglas Williams:

” Our purpose is simple – to love.  To love each other, to love all life, and to love our earth.”

we can close our eyes to things we don’t want to see. but we cannot close our hearts to things we don’t want to feel.  compassion is an innate feeling for human beings. when your heart and eyes weep when you see the damage done to an animal then, in your heart, you already believe in veganism. it’s in our hearts. 💕 the only move to do is to adjust our actions to what our hearts and minds want.

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~Khalil Gibran


#worldveganday, and in all my time on this earth spent “loving animals,” and trying my best to practice compassion to all beings, there has not been a single more powerful transformation that has brought me back to my birthright states of serenity, equanimity, and bliss as the vegan way of life. img_4312

veganism is the gateway back to the life that we all long for but stubbornly resist. it is not the end all be all of creating change in the world but it certainly is one of the most profound and deeply fulfilling ones I have ever experienced.

it is like a springboard which catapults you smack back into the loving arms of Nature, right where you belong. are you ready to usher in a new life of unconditional love, of readiness and willingness to create positive change for your own health, for the animals who are suffering every minute of every day and for Earth Herself who has been patiently waiting all along? if you want to try on what it feels like to live this incredible way of life, contact me. no one should have to transition alone or face challenges by themselves… we are all in this together—yes, together—because we are O N E.

if you aren’t already vegan, try going meatless for a meal today. educate yourself on where plant-based protein is found and what vitamins are found in certain foods. i have numerous articles on my blog with helpful links and information to view. by empowering yourself with knowledge, you release yourself from the mold society has placed around you. protein does NOT solely come from meat. any and all protein originates from a plant despite what society likes to say. if you are feeling especially daring, try going full vegan for the day.

no animal by-products means a happy tummy and a happy world 🌍🙏🏼


all you need is love. ~ The Beatles

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