Five Tips For A Healthier You

It’s the new season and I think a lot of us have long forgotten about those New Years intentions we said a while back or you are thinking about your future New Years intentions for next year.We’ll don’t you worry, I’m here to remind you. A lot of New Year’s intentions go along the lines of wanting to feel healthier, feel happier, and just overall better.

So I want to bring to you some tips I use in my day-to-day life to keep myself feeling just good. Taking care of the mind, of the body, of our surroundings because the truth is if you feel better, you do better. So you might want to stick to those New Year’s intentions after all.

  1. Clean up
    It’s very hard to be clear and focused on the mind when the house is unclean and untidy. Cleaning and organizing your home or workspace will create space and a sense of ease that will get you moving in the right direction. Also, I make sure you’re cleaning your space with non-toxic cruelty-free products so I can be safe.
  2. Grab a cup of tea
    Having a cup of tea has become one of my rituals which is so easy and simple to implement. When I have a cup of tea, I usually like to ground myself and think about whatever I want to accomplish through that day, month, or season. making rituals like these can help you create a sense of routine and create a sacred moment for yourself which in today’s scene has become quite rare.
  3. Clear the mind
    This is a big one. Mediating daily for at least ten minutes is a game changer. What I have found that works a lot for myself is using an essential oil which makes it easier to drop into a relaxing and calming space. Cleaning the mind of clutter is so important. It helps you be more focused throughout your day, more productive, and less reactive.
  4. Pimp out your fridge
    After you’ve taken care of the mind, your body comes next. Filling your fridge with good food will keep you feeling nourished and satisfied which equals happier, more energized you.  I like to make healthy snacks like seed crackers which are full of healthy fats from plants that can be had with hummus, avocado, or anything you like. I also like to make wholesome sweet treats like bliss balls to keep in my fridge. If you want to feel good, food can fix your mood real quick.
  5. Self love
    Giving your body some love and gratitude is in my mind essential for a happy balanced life. Our bodies work so hard for us so let’s give them many thanks for maybe running a bath with Epson salt. This is my favorite because it helps make your muscles nice and relaxed. And maybe even a well-deserved self-massage with some vitamin E oil and a calming essential oil to make the whole experience even nicer. Another way of doing so is simply going into the kitchen again and making yourself a nice green smoothie. There is nothing like it to make yourself instantly better and healthier. I like to add a greens powder and probiotics to my mix for extra health.


So there you go, I hope you enjoyed.


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