Reads On Hormones

There are many books out there pertaining to hormones and the endocrine system. I’ve read a lot of them. And I’ll save you the time, though I encourage everyone to explore. These two books have provided the most significant shifts in my journey and if you don’t have a lot of time to sift through all the hormone books, do yourself a favor and make these the next two reads. They are also INCREDIBLE for any woman, not just those navigating the intuitive journey of balancing their hormones.


WOMAN CODE  There are MANY books on hormones. And quite a lot of “popular” doctors out there that have gone to “Harvard” or other notable schools, but no one – and I mean no one – comes closer to bio-hacking hormones like Alisa Vitti.

Women get a regular period after years of paying experts to help them, older pregnancies with slim odds, and most importantly a lot of endocrine soothing and balancing through this book. More importantly, this isn’t happening through crazy supplementing or extreme diets. It’s happening through educating women about blood sugar stability, the four cycles each woman experiences within a month, and how to nourish each through food. This incredibly easy read educates us on how our brain is functioning, sexually what is going on with us, and how much physical strength we have during each of those four cycles. This is a prerequisite for any woman, not just those suffering with dreadful hormone issues.

ENERGY MEDICINE FOR WOMEN  this book, aside from Woman Code, has been one of the more informative hormone books I’ve ever read. The energy work you can do on yourself, for free with your own two hands, will certainly provide loads of support and solutions. Furthermore, you’ll learn about other great remedies and feel incredibly supported during the chaos of hormones.

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