Mending my night routine

I’ve got the perfect morning routine down to the minutes, but my nighttime routine still has some work to do.

There are elements of my nights that I love, but there are also things that I know need to be added or nixed.

So, let’s start with what I’ve got going for me: 

::: skincare / when I was younger and first started having to take care of my skin I was awful at it. In college, there were countless nights when I would go to bed without washing my face, even when I had a full face of makeup on. I cringe thinking about it now. But now I’ve gotten to the point of adulthood where I wash my face before going to be. And there’s nothing better than a freshly washed and moisturized face.

::: tea / I drink herbal teas almost always and make adaptogenic tonics every day. One of my favorites drinks before bed is an adaptogenic tonic using Four Sigmatic Reishi or Reishi mixed with ashwagandha from Moon Juice. Reishi to destress and relax and ashwagandha for everything. My night routine isn’t set in stone yet, because the summer hours, but it is nice to have a mug of something hot to sip on when you get into bed.

::: read before bed / in my ideal world I would read every night before bed, but I’m not there yet. But I always love the times that I do.

::: gratitude / sounds cheesy but Michael and I share what we’re grateful for that day, and it sends you to bed feeling really warm and fuzzy inside.

Things that I like but probably aren’t the best for winding down:

::: I love watching an episode (or a few) on Netflix or Youtube at the end of the day. Right now I’m on the last season of Law and Order: SVU. I know it’s not good to stare at a laptop before going to bed, but it’s these fun little things to help wind down from the day

What I need to stop:

::: staying off social media / I’ve gotten a lot better over the years but I used to have to scroll through Instagram until I got through all the new posts. Ridiculous I know. But overall I’d like to cut down on technology before bed.

What I would like to add:

::: mediation / I go through phases of meditating regularly, but I would love to start consistently doing it at night. And not leave it to the last thing or I will definitely fall asleep during.

::: journaling / while I’m all about morning pages, I would love to add regular journaling at night as a way to reflect on and document my day. I love looking back on old journals, and I think night time would be a great spot to start doing it consistently.


What are your favorite parts of your nighttime routine, and what would you change?

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