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Transforming Our Relationship To Health

Most of us believe that being in good health means eating right and exercising. However, this is only part of the picture. The more important part of the equation is our relationship with our mind, which plays a crucial role in our health and has a profound effect on our well-being, metabolism, and cellular immunity.

The thoughts we feed our minds can either nurture and support health or lead to a downward spiral of illness. Ever wonder how some people who have been given a terminal diagnosis or told that they have an irreversible disease seem to miraculously heal themselves? They shift their state of mind to see illness as an opportunity for growth and radical lifestyle change.

Many people only start looking at their health when something goes awry. Our health is something which many of us take for granted; through health, we have freedom, and through awareness, we can transform our former selves into anything that we make our minds up to be.

We all want to feel good & live vibrantly. Our bodies need natural, real food, not pharmaceuticals, processed foods or inorganic chemicals. To keep us thriving, our minds need positive, nurturing, and supportive thoughts instead of negative, dark, fearful ones. Connecting to a higher state of consciousness helps us make clear decisions that support a healthy lifestyle, paving the way for long-term health.

Be mindful that perfect health does not happen overnight, but with conscious choices and accountable actions, transformation progresses. Begin looking at health from a whole-hearted, holistic perspective. Remember that everything we are thinking, doing, and feeling play a role in not only our current state of health but also our long-term vitality. Integrate all of the wellness practices that feel right for you, your schedule, and your routine. Embrace the fact that you’re human. We are all imperfect, feel emotions, and make mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up about food choices or exercise, or the occasional overindulgences. Be gentle and let your heart be your guide.

Enjoy what you’re doing – no matter what it is.
Enjoy your food.
Enjoy the exercise that you choose to do for yourself.
Enjoy & embrace your journey & know that whatever you want for yourself in this life, however you want to transform your health, with clear intentions and awareness, anything is possible for you. 🙂

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