Vegan FAQ

Anyone who eats a vegan diet knows there will be several questions coming their way by most anyone they meet who finds out they don’t eat animals.

I find it funny that most meat eaters don’t get asked, “Where do you get your chlorophyll?” or “Where do you get your antioxidants from?” Or how about, “Where do you get your soluble and insoluble fiber from?” Wouldn’t those be conversation starters for the dinner table? Continue reading “Vegan FAQ”

1 Pot Veggie Lasagna Soup

One-pot meals are a must during these cold winter nights. The perfect meal to start off your cozy night. I like to grab a nice big ladle of soup, grab my friends and turn on my favorite Netflix Show (Parks and Recreation). This 1 Pot-Veggie lasagna Soup, is easy to do, very little prep., and incredibly delicious.  Continue reading “1 Pot Veggie Lasagna Soup”

Food Labels

Due to growing health and environmental concerns, many people wonder about the meaning and reliability of food labeling. Although many labels say that foods are natural, organic, etc. Some of these labels are not regulated or the regulations are not enforced.

Continue reading “Food Labels”